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Real User
IT Manager at a construction company with 51-200 employees
Nov 18 2012

What is most valuable?

When it works, WAFS is a good way to keep data synchronized between multiple servers in multiple locations. It's transport mechanism ensures that only the latest version of the file is being modified.

What needs improvement?

Two main issues. 1) It can be a bandwidth resource hog over a small WAN link. We would routinely saturate a 3Mbps link with WAFS. This can be mitigated with tuning what gets replicated. 2) In some cases, it can look like the files get replicated because the files have the correct date, file size, etc. However, the file itself was actually all nulls. In our replication case, we had more than 10,000 files get corrupted this way (out of 1.2 million). GlobalScape support basically said that there were issues with W2K8 R2 but the problem actually dated back to 2008 on a W2K3 server.We dropped the… more»

What is Globalscape WAFS?

With WAFS you can synchronize files, simplify collaboration, eliminate errors, and decrease bandwidth usage. Files can be located anywhere in the world, even in the cloud, providing remote file access from anywhere. Reduce 95% of network traffic by transparently replicating files between servers or desktops on any scale, while boosting performance. With the WAFS Vault, there's no need for a backup solution in every office. All locations save their documents to the Vault.
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Globalscape WAFS customers
MEP Associates, Autoridad Del Canal De Panama (ACP), SSOE, Architectural and Engineering Firm, Jordan and Skala Engineers, Optima
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