Google App Engine Room for Improvement

System Programmer at a non-profit with 201-500 employees
The programming interface is not easy, but I can't talk deeply about it, as I have used a framework which hid the API. I can't detail anything about GAE API, as I didn't use it. Nevertheless, I could have a look at it. I could especially look at what is related to its DataStore database, in terms of its keys or its ancestors. It seems to be a totally different approach, compared to traditional SQL databases. The Web2py framework hides this complexity. I searched for some information about how to use GAE API, both on official docs, forums or books. The conclusion I took after these searches was this API was not easy to use. And this reality was one of the reason why I started searching for a framework that could hide GAE API. I have to recognize this impression could be caused because of my previous work with SQL related API -note that GAE is build upon a NoSQL database. View full review »
Juan Pereigua
Personal docente at a K-12 educational company or school
Data consumption of the device could be improved. View full review »

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