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Google Cloud Platform Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy Primary Use Case

Senior Associate at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Our financial system is on Oracle-based, SaaS, hosted on the Oracle cloud. From different XML sources, we had to bring in high volumes of transactions into the financial system.

Before we put all of the data into the product and financial system, we need the data to go through some data messaging, and create some rules and derive some values. There are five or six million records every day.

Google has some very good tools on its platform. They have an App Engine and cluster-based programming so that you are able to achieve high performance. 

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Senior System Analyst at Evello System

We use it for software social media analytics. That software can call social media like Facebook, Instagram, and news online media. We call them and put them in the container. And then we analyze the data and display it on the dashboard. We use the GCP to run our server production.

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Head of Practice at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees

I've been using Google virtual machines, Google FUSE. It has many, many products across the entire cloud platform. GCP can be used for data storage and for virtual machine creation.

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Staff Technical Program Manager at a retailer with 10,001+ employees

I work in a retail company. We have a physical data center where we use IBM servers. We want to get rid of them because every time we have a peak season, we have to add the infrastructure and then remove it when it is not the peak time. This process of adding the servers, taking notes, and bringing them down requires a lot of operational effort. There is a lot of manual intervention for adding the resources and configuring the servers, which is a lot of work for the company. That's why we are migrating all our applications. 

Google Cloud will help us in getting the additional assistance just by clicking a button. We basically want to automate instead of doing manual interventions. It is an organizational initiative to move to Google Cloud. At least five to ten teams are involved based on each application and around a hundred people are involved.

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SaaS Development Manager at a tech vendor with 201-500 employees

We primarily use the solution to assist our clients. One of our clients, for example, wanted their web application to be integrated.

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Vice President at a retailer with 11-50 employees

It's a cloud-based solution, so it's always the latest version. We use it for identity management, monitor resources, and to monitor the cloud resources. The number of users are small, but the number of resources being managed is large. We plan to roll it out to about 30,000 people.

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