Google Cloud SQL Pricing and License Cost

Director at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
The advice I would give before starting up is to have a small interactive introductory session with some domain experts because even though it looks quite similar to MySQL and all the other SQL solutions out there, Google Cloud SQL lets me do a lot more. And it offers a lot of perks if you know how exactly to handle the product. So even if it is with a small, introductory session of two hours or three hours long, where the experts tell me that, "Hey, this is the whole scope of this solution or the product but it will be scaled up," it will help the end-users a lot because the documentation itself is not that extensive. View full review »
Hendrik De Schinkel
Cloud Data Engineer at Programmads
It's really cheap. It wouldn't be more than, I believe it's around 50 euro per month for running a cloud SQL. There aren't any additional costs that I'm aware of. View full review »
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