GoSecure Next-Gen Antivirus Overview

What is GoSecure Next-Gen Antivirus?

Next-generation antivirus or traditional AV? Unfortunately, many organizations find themselves making an either/or decision – purchase traditional AV or NGAV, but not both. With GoSecure Next-Gen Antivirus, you get the best of both worlds, plus management from the industry-leading GoSecure Advanced Response Center.

GoSecure Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV) offers a compelling selection of capabilities, far beyond traditional AV but still covering the basics of this tried and true security technology. While some would tell you that traditional AV is obsolete, GoSecure believes you need a strong combination of traditional and next-gen to quickly, and effectively, protect endpoints. Malicious files taking advantage of exploits via file-less attacks is the new normal. Detecting, and protecting, against these multi-faceted attacks requires multiple approaches to endpoint security, and GoSecure NGAV delivers.

GoSecure Next-Gen Antivirus is also known as GoSecure NGAV.

GoSecure Next-Gen Antivirus Buyer's Guide

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