Grande Enterprise Voice Services Pricing and License Cost

Lori Hyatt
Accounting Manager at Evergreen Exhibition
Pricing is much better on this product. The licensing would apply to us in the sense that we pay per actual phone device. We have to pay for that many licenses so we get that many phones. It has saved us $300 a month. Licensing isn't an issue. In years past we had looked at other phone systems, because we had an old phone system and some of the newer products don't work on the older phone systems. We looked at purchasing a new phone system where we would actually buy the phones and it was very costly. It was going to be almost a $10,000 investment, plus monthly service. Whereas here, we're just paying the monthly service and the phones are leased to us. If we were to ever move to a different company, they would take these phones back. When we did look at other phone systems in the distant past, you had to buy an asset and you paid an asset price, at 10 grand just to get a phone system. And then you would still have to pay a monthly rate. View full review »