Grande Enterprise Voice Services Overview

What is Grande Enterprise Voice Services?

Grande's core voice network is built on Nortel DMS 500 and soft-switching network. As one of the first competitive local exchange carriers to establish our own network in Texas after the 1996 Telecom Deregulation Act, we have a proven track record serving the communication needs of residential, business, and carrier customers. Most importantly, we are committed to providing the best customer and technical service while providing innovative solutions for your telecom needs.

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Accounting Manager at Evergreen Exhibition
Real User
We're able to listen to voicemail via our email, which is easier for our employees who travel

What is our primary use case?

We use it for phone services. We replaced our regular phone carrier with the VoIP.

Pros and Cons

  • "We use our voicemail and all of us love the fact that we all have it emailed to us as well, getting it on our phones. A lot of our people travel, and it's a lot easier for them because they're always checking their email. It's easier to listen to it there rather than having to dial into the phone and put their codes in and go in and retrieve messages."
  • "The sound quality was different. It wasn't necessarily worse or better, it was different in the sense that it sounded like the sound was in a tunnel."

What other advice do I have?

It has been a very good product for us, but you need to have a reliable internet provider because this system does use the internet. That's the only recommendation I would have: Make sure that you have a very sound and stable internet provider to host this phone system. If a colleague were to say to me that a cloud solution is not safe, I would respond that it depends on what kind of information you're putting out on that cloud device. We're talking about phones here, so if you have very private conversations that you need to secure, then you need to consider that. That's a decision based on…
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