Graylog Valuable Features

Head of Infrastructure
What I like most about this solution, is that it caches the log. I also like it's filtration because we have various layers of data that needs to be captured - from flat filing to Windows servers, Linux-based servers and the like. I like the diversity and the number of environments it can cover, including the switches. View full review »
Senior Architect at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
* Searching errors * Alerting through Slack and OpsGenie using their plugins. We run a containerized microservices environment. Being able to set up streams and search for errors and anomalies across hundreds of containers is why a log aggregation platform like Graylog is valuable to us. Allowing us to set up alerts and integrate with platforms we already use, such as Slack and OpsGenie to alert users of these errors proactively, is also a very useful feature. View full review »
John Paul Dienst
Technology Consultant
Real-time UDP/GELF logging and full text-based searching. Since UDP is a stateless, connectionless protocol, it simplifies error handling for the log sender/producer in the event that Graylog is not available. UDP is also a fast and lightweight protocol, perfect for sending large volumes of logs with minimal overhead. Storing logs in Elasticsearch means log retrieval is extremely fast, and full text search is available by default. Additionally, Graylog has support via plugins for Slack-based alerts. These have been wonderful for notifying us when exceptional log messages are encountered. View full review »
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