Guardicore Centra Scalability

Fidel Deforte
Solutions Architect at Alturna-Tech
GuardiCore scales very easily. Normally it's managed by the security team. In terms of the roles, we have the security team: system administrators and security. I've had GuardiCore tested in local government and cities. We have one client that had a very large deployment with multiple data centers and financials too. The ones that we are now testing with are mostly in the financial sector. I've added a medium-sized deployment. We have one large, several mediums. With the new licensing, it's now easy for a small deployment because it scales both ways. For deployment and maintenance, we require a minimum of one staff member. The current roles of those are security administrators. Those are the ideal jobs because of the integration with the security class at the data center. Where we have GuardiCore deployed, we use both system administrators and security administrators. In some of our deployments, they share the role. One to two is all that's required because of the reporting and the analytics. It's pretty simple. Unfortunately, we have customers that still have multiple tools. We try to get the customers to consolidate. In terms of use, we are launching some of the latest innovations and partnerships from GuardiCore to our clients. We have clients that are still using GuardiCore and other tools because they have invested heavily in those areas. We would like to see them consolidate because GuardiCore does a lot of what these other tools offer. That's our challenge. Our challenge to customers is to improve their efficiency and lower costs. Within the last 30 days, GuardiCore has released some increased functionality and partnerships with some leading manufacturers that we are now pushing to engage more clients. It is still slow, primarily because of the existing investments. What we notice is that for many clients, security is their smallest focus. That's the problem. The security group has the smallest budget in IT and that's our challenge. View full review »
Yevhenii Pedchenko
Security Engineer at INTRASYSTEMS LLC
The solution is very scalable, especially when connected to the cloud resources. View full review »
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