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Real User
Analyst at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
Mar 20 2018

What is most valuable?

It handles large data better than the previous system that we were using, which was basically Excel and Access. We serve upwards of 300,000 parts over a 150 regions and we need to crunch a lot of numbers.

How has it helped my organization?

This is a new installation for us. We have not implemented it fully. It is going live now. Therefore, the impacts have yet to be determined. We are anticipating a more streamlined process.

What needs improvement?

The speed of the system could be improved, but I think that will be fixed once we get our data in line. I do not what additional features that I would like to see in the next release as I am still learning the features in this release!
Real User
Senior Research Analyst at a university
Oct 29 2017

What do you think of IBM SPSS Statistics?

Valuable Features Custom tables and macros: They allow us to create useful reports quickly for a broad audience. • Improvements to My Organization We can provide internal benchmarks that allow specific units to compare themselves to others and the whole organization. • Room for Improvement Scripts are clunky to work with. Better documentation on how to use macros. More affordable training for new staff members. • Use of Solution I have used it for 17 years. • Stability Issues Some of the versions have issues. It is not always made public that a “fix” is available. Many hours can be wasted thinking you have something wrong in your code when it really is an issue with the newest version. • Scalability Issues I have used SPSS with 100,000 records. At that point,...
Real User
Business Analyst at a retailer with 501-1,000 employees
Apr 04 2018

What do you think of KNIME?

Primary Use Case All analytics individuals use KNIME to integrate multiple sources of data (SQL, excel, etc.) and prep the data for static reporting. • Improvements to My Organization We are able to automate several functions which were done manually. I can integrate several data sets quickly and easily, to support analytics. • Valuable Features Visual workflow creation Workflow variables (parameterisation) Automatic caching of all intermediate data sets in the workflow Scheduling with the server • Room for Improvement The overall user experience feels unpolished.  Data field type conversion is a real hassle, and date fields are a hassle. Documentation is pretty poor. User community is average at best. • Use of Solution Less than one year. • Stability Issues ...

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