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Engineering Technician at a energy/utilities company with 51-200 employees
Dec 31 2014

What is most valuable?

* Data management and economic evaluations are the most valuable features in Aries for me. * Aries is made for the Oil and Gas industry. Updating and customizing the database is very easy. You can set up properties by project and the global editor allows you to replace or add data easily. It also has qualifier and scenario features that allow you to control sets of data. * For running economics… more »

How has it helped my organization?

Using Aries makes running sensitivities in economic evaluations efficient. It is also handy to query against the DB in Access via Excel to streamline “live” data to get the most up-to-date information when you’re evaluating a project and need customized reports. Your queries, formulas, and reports can be customized as much as your user can make them to meet your needs. However, one of the biggest… more »

What needs improvement?

I find that when I want to run quick decline curve analysis, I use other products like Tibco Spotfire or Fekete Harmony. However, if I am working with economics, I will use Multigraph to automatically "put" decline curve data into the economic program and tweak. For decline curve analysis, it could be more user friendly but once you understand how to customize it and tweak projections, it’s easy… more »

What is Halliburton Aries Petroleum Economic Software?

The ARIES Petroleum Economics and Reserves Software provides comprehensive enterprise wide property and data management, production and reserve forecasting (using decline curves or other methods), and proven economic evaluations for operations, engineering, and business teams.
Also known as
Aries Petroleum Economic Software
Halliburton Aries Petroleum Economic Software customers
StimWatch Stimulation Monitoring Service