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SmartBear Software
Real User
Test Automation Specialist at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
Oct 29 2017

What do you think of SmartBear TestComplete?

Valuable Features The most valuable feature is the ability for a non-developer to develop intelligent, robust, data-driven tests. • Improvements to My Organization TestComplete has greatly improved our organization functions by allowing us to develop, manage, and execute many forms of testing in one central repository. Being able to develop, manage, and execute JUnit, NUnit, PHPUnit, PyUnit, Selenium, functional, and nonfunctional tests has given our company great insight as to the health of our testing efforts. • Use of Solution I have used this solution for four years. • Stability Issues No issues. • Scalability Issues No issues. • Customer Service and Technical Support The level of technical support leaves a lot to be desired. The only way to get support is...
Real User
Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Sep 18 2017

What is most valuable?

The ability to time test runs gives the tester the ability to compare calculated times to actual times it takes for a test case to run. This is the advantage over the other test management tool that we have used. Also, I liked the fact that... more»

How has it helped my organization?

Most significantly, I found it was easy to organize test cases, and that the application did not time out while I was in the middle of writing a test case.

What needs improvement?

I found it difficult to link requirements to test cases, if I remember correctly. Also, it would be nice to have a description section when creating the test scenario itself so I can indicate what the configuration should be. I was able to do... more»
Real User
Project Lead at Aspire Systems
Jul 16 2017

What do you think of Visual Studio Test Professional?

Valuable Features TFS and MTM. • Improvements to My Organization I haven't worked with any real projects, but did some R&D using TFS and MTM. MTM is very good for maintaining the test plan, test suite and all. Can link automation scripts with existing manual test cases. • Room for Improvement It needs to be independent and user-friendly (cannot link automation scripts from MTM, should link the scripts by opening visual studio). • Use of Solution Around two years. • Deployment Issues Nothing specific. • Stability Issues I felt it was bit slow (May be it depends on the server memory size(?). • Scalability Issues Nothing specific. • Customer Service and Technical Support Customer Service: A seven out of 10. Technical Support: A seven out of 10 ...

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