Hitachi JP1 Automatic Operation Overview

What is Hitachi JP1 Automatic Operation?

JP1/Automatic Operation automates the day-to-day IT operations that are performed in a system. This product allows you to automate a series of operations (including those that require operator input) that might have been quite difficult to automate via other means. JP1/Automatic Operation covers both routine operations (such as checking the operating statuses of servers, and starting, stopping, and restarting servers) and irregular or on-demand work (such as adding and deleting virtual machines), as well as temporary measures for handling system failures. JP1 helps you work more efficiently by automating various IT operations, ranging from day-to-day and routine operations to those that are highly complex.

    Hitachi JP1 Automatic Operation is also known as Hitachi JP1/Automatic Operation, JP1, AO.

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