Hitachi Universal Storage VM Competitors and Alternatives

The top Hitachi Universal Storage VM competitors are
  • HPE 3PAR Flash Storage
  • Dell EMC Unity
Read reviews of Hitachi Universal Storage VM competitors and alternatives
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Peder Ivar Iversen
Real User
Owner at Serit IT Partner
Jan 24 2017

What is most valuable?

* It's fast. * You can mix cheap storage with expensive storage. * It's very reliable. It's a system that is 100%; no failures.

How has it helped my organization?

We have approximately 100 companies renting servers and storage from us. We are using HPE 3PAR to achieve a hybrid IT solution, combined with... more»

What needs improvement?

I want an easier solution for provisioning new servers. Currently we need to go in, set up a server, give the server names and functions,... more»

Which other solutions did I evaluate??

We have three EVAs that we were using before we took 3PAR.

What other advice do I have??

I would advise colleagues to buy the flexible capacity that HPE provides with 3PAR. When we selected HPE, our most important criterion is that... more»
Allen Riviera
Real User
Data Center Architect at Iron Bow Technologies
May 07 2018

What do you think of Dell EMC Unity?

Primary Use Case: Lately, the biggest use I've seen is around VDI and data migrations - migrating from the old VNX platform onto a new Unity. So far so good. Everybody has been very happy with it. It has been a very seamless transition. The performance, from a VDI perspective, has been very good. They are very happy with it. • Valuable Features: Ease of use Ease of management Ease of deployment The GUI is very user-friendly. • Room for Improvement: I don't see a lot of room for improvement. Perhaps if they added more 10GB ports to the back of the system, so you have more IOPS out of the box itself to the network, that would help. But other than that it's a great platform. • Stability Issues: The stability is awesome. It is very stable. No issues. • Scalability...

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