HPE Apollo Other Advice

Dr Tuomas Sandholm
Professor at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees
Whilst looking for a vendor, we do not look at the brand name at all. Instead what we look for are just reliability and raw horsepower. It has been great. The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center guys have been great in supporting us very quickly and sometimes even at night or on weekends. I've been very fortunate as a professor to get this level of supercomputing, so we've been able to do the world's leading research in this area. The only things that I would improve are the ones that I have mentioned before, i.e., the Lustre file system, and maybe, the memory access from the CPU. View full review »
Claudio De Plato
Network End Data Center Architect at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Our most important criteria when selecting a vendor include, of course, the experience of the technician, then the support. With HPE as I said, we have a strong relationship. So there is a priority channel for HPE versus other vendors. We always perform a PoC, we compare the vendors. But we were happy with HPE so we have no reason to change right now. I rate it eight out of 10 right now. It will be a 10 when SimpliVity will be on top of it. View full review »
Daniel Polombo
IT Architect
When selecting a vendor the most important criteria include * overall trust in the company * the financial side, of course, the price of the hardware * the quality of the support we can expect. I rate it at eight out of 10. As I said, true independence between the nodes would be an improvement. At least make sure that the nodes aren't dependent on each other. Also, we've had a few difficulties integrating it at first, so I'll stay with an eight. Test the solution and do a proof of concept until it works with your own integration procedures, the way you install systems, that kind of thing. View full review »
Senior Account Manager
Our most important criterion when selecting a vendor is reliability. We need a vendor to be there for us, even when the product is already three or four years old. That's a big thing for us. I give it an eight out of 10. It does what we expect it to do. As I said, cooling is still an issue, you really have to keep that in mind if you implement the solution. But aside from that, we're really happy with it. Talk to a partner who has implemented a solution with HPE Apollo, talk to customers who have actually used it in the field. It's really simple to do. View full review »
Anders Petterson
System Engineer at Mr Green
From my end, I like that we get everything from HPE. So it's quite easy to point at HPE if something breaks. We have the switches from HPE, we have the storage from HPE, the service from HPE. So it's quite easy to get their help when something breaks, because they are responsible for all the parts in our datacenter. View full review »

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