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Vinod shankar li?1414336887
Manager, Enterprise Risk Consulting at a tech company
Reviewed HPE ArcSight: Network investigation is poor...
B071e596 86bc 46b6 a1d7 4062bd0eb8e7 avatar
Technical Architect at a financial services firm
Reviewed HPE ArcSight: CEF log formatting helps with...
Ananth kumar b sridhara li?1414334757
Security Expert at a tech services company
Omar sanchez mr tech avatar 1434666108?1434666106
Information Security Advisor, CISO & CIO, Docutek Services at Docutek Services
Reviewed HPE ArcSight: Has helped us to gather, store,...
D0f8f1a8 4f7c 467e afbf 92fe7fb70c21 avatar?1457431915
Information Security Specialist at a tech services company
Reviewed HPE ArcSight: Correlation and flexibility are...
Da5dcdc4 b113 44a5 8b9a 9aa27ed9d3ff avatar?1438742620
Solutions Architect- SIEM and Solutions at a tech vendor
Reviewed HPE ArcSight: Most devices are covered...
Abdc06d7 a182 486e a490 43cd3d3aa4ce avatar?1457422395
IT Security Assistant Manager at a financial services firm
Reviewed HPE ArcSight: It allows us to traceback...
Andy susanto avatar 1434543333?1434543330
Sales Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed HPE ArcSight: Enables you to create a...
9dc9441e 2536 4da2 a211 6f58fc24d2aa avatar
Network Security Engineer, Security Monitoring Center at a tech services company
E88d8cca 6ff0 43e0 9d72 ce98ca7743f0 avatar?1438788850
Network Security Administrator at a government
Reviewed HPE ArcSight: With the console, I can move...

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