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IT Director at McInnes Cooper
Reviewed HPE SimpliVity: Freed up resources to do more…
VMware Administrator at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed HPE SimpliVity: Simple, scalable, and comes with…
Consultant at a tech services company
Reviewed HPE SimpliVity: Fast system with user-friendly GUI…
Senior Systems Engineer - Midrange Hardware Standards at a transportation company
IT Manager at Penoles
Reviewed HPE SimpliVity: It has improved our response time
VP/Chief Technology Officer at Francis Drilling Fluids, Ltd.
Reviewed HPE SimpliVity: Reduced our data center footprint…
IT Director at Celgene Corporation
Reviewed HPE SimpliVity: When we had to increase capacity…
Lead Systems Engineer at a retailer
Reviewed HPE SimpliVity: Reduces complexity of our backup…
Production Support Manager at a tech services company
Reviewed HPE SimpliVity: It is a simple, self-managed…
Technical Director at Baro International Ltd.
Reviewed HPE SimpliVity: Comes with backup and site-to-site…