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What is IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS?

IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS measures and reports how applications use available resources. This easy to use tool helps you identify system constraints and improve application performance.

Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS:

  • Helps you maximize the performance of your existing applications and improve response time of online transactions and batch turnaround times.
  • Gives you the information needed to isolate performance problems in applications and test the effect of increased workloads on your systems.
  • Monitors, analyzes and reports the performance of CICS, Assembler, COBOL, PL/I, C/C++, DB2, IMS WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Application Server applications.
  • Collects samples from the monitored address space and analyzes the system or resource application usage of CPU, DASD, I/O or the total address space.
  • Features online analysis reports that can be created as PDF or XML files, so that you can view them on workstations or transfer them easily to other applications.
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