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IBM BigFix provides complete visibility and control into all endpoints through a single, unified platform. Enterprises can now bridge the bridge the gap between threat detection and response, drastically reducing remediation times and costs by consolidating best-in-class EDR, enterprise asset discovery, endpoint interrogation, rich threat intelligence, multi-platform patch management (90+ OS) and software distribution. Security and operations teams can see, understand and act on all endpoint threats while proactively reducing the attack surface. • SEE: Discover and audit every endpoint, on or off the corporate network—and rapidly detect evasive attacks using behavioral analytics that understand how attackers compromise your endpoints. • UNDERSTAND: Guided investigation enables security analysts to understand the full context and scope of an attack based on real-time endpoint information, not just historical data. • ACT: Respond with purpose. BigFix provides the capability to deliver targeted remediation—not only on patient zero but enterprise-wide—in minutes or hours.

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Tivoli Endpoint Manager, IBM Endpoint Manager, TEM
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US Foods, Penn State, St Vincent's Health US Foods, Sabadell Bank, SunTrust, Australia Sydney, Stemac, Capgemini, WNS Global Services, Jebsen & Jessen, CenterBeam, Strauss, Christian Hospital Centre, Brit Insurance, Career Education Corporation

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4.4 out of 5 stars
Endpoint protection report from it central station 2017 05 27
Find out what your peers are saying about Symantec, Intel Security, IBM and others in Endpoint Protection.
213,655 professionals have used our research on 5,586 solutions.
Endpoint protection report from it central station 2017 05 27
Find out what your peers are saying about Symantec, Intel Security, IBM and others in Endpoint Protection.
213,655 professionals have used our research on 5,586 solutions.

User Assessments By Topic About IBM BigFix

* Patching support: IBM BigFix supports most of the major OSs with natively packages patches. This includes Windows, MacOSX, Oracle Linux, Solaris, AIX, RedHat, Ubuntu and others. * Pre-packaged support for many third-party applications such as Adobe, Google, Mozilla, Sun (Java), WinZip, and others. * Near real-time view of the environment. Most systems will report their current patch state within 15 minutes. * The IBM BigFix console provides a single pane view into the entire environment. This also provides a common interface for taking actions, such as patching, to any operating system with a similar look and feel. * Ease of installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. IBM BigFix is one of the easiest tools to install for an Endpoint Management tool, especially compared to IBM’s predecessors and Microsoft’s SCCM. As an example, the first time installing IBM BigFix in my lab with about 10 systems took approximately one hour from start of installation to applying OS patches. IBM BigFix is also very easy to scale by adding new relays. The design is flexible enough to be able to “add as you go” without having to perform a major architectural review. * For troubleshooting, the log file structure is very simple, as most files are in the same place and have a standard format. * Adding new components such as IBM BigFix Compliance or IBM BigFix Inventory does not require new agents to be installed. By enabling the content, by clicking on a hyperlink in the License Management Dashboard, and taking action with a couple packages, the infrastructure is ready to start gathering more information. * Reporting capabilities: With the IBM BigFix console, I am able to quickly provide information to any group. With the use of the IBM BigFix Web Reports, I am able to design reports that I can save and provide to users to execute when they desire. These reports can also be scheduled to run and email the users.
Our primary use for IBM BigFix is around patching and reporting on Microsoft Windows servers. We are also using the reporting capabilities for patching state on AIX, Solaris, and Red Hat Linux. These reports are being presented to the Safeguards groups and are being used to report MSA compliance for our server environment. IBM BigFix has provided our Windows server team more flexibility for scheduling the deployment of patches in their environment which has caused them a lot of issues in the past. Also with the near realtime reporting, the server teams know the state of their environment right away. We have also been able to see where patches are failing to install on systems that previously were assumed to have been installed. This has identified many systems that were thought to be in compliance, that were not. Some other useful information that we are able to gather with IBM BigFix: * Currently logged on user(s) * Servers in pending restart state * Hardware and software information * Symantec Endpoint Protection state (client version, signature version, etc.) * Installed MSSQL databases We gather a lot of other information too. Although all of this information is available in other sources, with IBM BigFix, we are able to bring all of this into one console view which can be used for filtering and reporting. We have also linked IBM BigFix into ServiceNow’s CMDB to “brand” systems with CMDB data. This is also useful for filtering, grouping, and reporting. We have used IBM BigFix to develop software packages to deploy new versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection, Microsoft SCOM agents, Flexera agents, and others. The most recent task that came up was the deployment of the MS17-010 patch to address the “WannaCry” malware. With IBM BigFix, we were able to quickly identify out of compliance systems and remediate them and validate the successful completion of the installation.
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