IBM Datacap Valuable Features

Business Automation Delivery Lead at OCP
I like the features that we just started using. The 2019 project was an as-is migration. With Captiva, we had a basic recognition process that was based on the indexation of each document apart. In tier one for example, in Casablanca, they are dealing with 2,000 folders per day. On each team, I have four people and each one is in charge of preparing the documents to review these days. Second-tier is in charge description of the documents. This discussion is made on an Excel sheet and then it generates descriptive documents that go with each folder. So we have a main page in which we can find all the metadata related to this document and so on. We ingest all of the folders in the system at the same time and the system is able to recognize all those folders and automatically classify them on Documentum. What I liked about DataCap and what made us decide to move to Datacap instead of Captiva was the licensing. With Captiva we had to pay for each page, the licenses, there are a number of pages. For Datacap we have a licensing model which is based on the number of users. We are not limited in the number of pages. This is the first thing we liked about a Datcap. The second thing that I like about Datacap is the fingerprint capture which is easy to configure on Datacap. From the form of the document, if a document is redundant in the same department, we can configure the capture based on the form of the documents. We tell Datacap to bring this information from a certain day and then we have a symantec capture which is the ability to read the page and identify amounts based on the meaning of the phrase. For example, if the sentence says that the total amount of this operation is $2,000, for example, it will understand that $2,000 is the amount and put it as meter data. View full review »
Product Lead at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
The most valuable feature is its ability to capture data, which changes all the time into different formats. The usability is great. The tool is powerful, and it's the right thing for us to use. The integration process was pretty easy. There were exposed APIs for us to call and the documentation was available for us. Therefore, we could do it pretty easily. View full review »
John Pakledinaz
IT Manager at Andres Medical Billing, Ltd.
The solution automates manual data entry. View full review »
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