IBM Db2 Database Room for Improvement

Md Al-Amin
Senior System Analyst at Thakral
One thing that is a little bit difficult for me — other than when using Oracle — is creating database replication with Db2. It is not so easy. That feature could be improved. Another thing is that if part of the environment in Db2 goes down, I have to restore all of it. That is something that is just in the environment for the Db2 relational database. The restoration is very difficult because every node has internal storage. If one node is corrupted all have to get restored. If you compare Db2 to Oracle, both are enterprise-class. However, the development tools for Db2 are not as good. For example, if I want to develop an application in Db2, I have to use Java. That is not so easy because someone has to know the Java platform and a few other things to develop an application on Db2. But the difference is that if you choose to use Oracle there are some tools like Oracle Developers Suite that you can use to develop applications. It is very easy and very straightforward to develop an application in Oracle because of the development tools. It is harder when using Db2 by comparison. There are some things that are not in Db2. I have to do more to develop an application. Some things are easy to do with Db2 development. Like if I have an application where there will be three or four tables. I can do that with Db2, or I have to do it with other Java development tools. That is the catch: for most of the people who know Java, this development is easy for them. But those who do not know Java can have a very hard time. In that sense, IBM should work on that aspect of their product to make it easy to develop applications. They can do this by providing users with a development suite. If they do that, then I think Db2 has the potential to grow more in our market. View full review »
IT Architect at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
Integration with other services could use some improvement. Currently, we are using Informatica ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and the data is not loading as expected between the Db2 database and Informatica. Our goal is to eventually migrate the data to Azure servers and evaluate how it will perform. Currently, we are doing a POC (Proof of Concept) on this migration, but the second step cannot be completed without a dependable data load. View full review »
Global Infrastructure service manager at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
The only drawback that we see in Db2 Database is the crash recovery. When there is a crash and somebody has to do the recovery, Db2 Database first stops, and then it does any crash recovery. In Oracle Database, crash recovery happens within the database. The database is not shut down. View full review »
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Wira Chinwong
Service Director at SCSI Co.
The solution could improve the centralization aspect of the tools. It would be ideal if the solution offered backup functionality. Many similar tools already do, which means Db2 is somewhat behind the curve in terms of what a customer might expect from it. View full review »
System Administrator at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Because this solution is a big data database only dedicated to the application server, it is very difficult for us to assess areas of improvement. We use the database, so we don't have any other requirements or need to use it in any other way. The licensing fees can be reduced. While we don't see the breakdown, we know that IBM licenses for the backup system are very expensive. View full review »
Maximo Manager at FLSmidth Operation & Maintenance
In terms of improvements, IBM Db2 can improve its interface and its functionality. Also, the embedded functions should be much richer than the current ones - the functions which are embedded in the engine itself. For example, I can find more DEPTH functions in Oracle than in Db2. Also, SQL Server still has richer functions than Db2. View full review »
Solutions Architect at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
We need to have a cloud-based version of this database. It would be helpful to have a hybrid data storage facility that includes NoSQL technologies. View full review »
Managing Director, North America at Business Consultants, Inc.
IBM just came out with new hardware in September, so they are getting ready for the cloud. If they can push through with all those features they're talking about, I think they have a good product lined up. Right now, the solution needs to have end-to-end encryption, to be cloud-ready, to have native support for Linux, and built-in data scientist workbenches. These are promised to us in the new release, and I hope that happens. End-to-end encryption specifically is something the solution needs to have in the next release. View full review »
Giancarlo Nocerino
Consultant at a tech services company
I don't have a general opinion about how they can improve this product. The performance could be improved. View full review »
Suhendri -
Department Head of Big Data and Analytic Solutions at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
The price should be lower. View full review »
Evaristo Carvalho
IT Director at BISTP
We would like to see a web-based interface for this solution, as it would help to improve visibility. It would be helpful to have more querying tools and more development tools for us to work easily with Microsoft. For example, ODBC drivers would make work easier for our development team. View full review »
Michael Raz
Consultant at Discount Bank
The ease of use, or ease of management, could be improved. There are many improvements all the time on the solution. There is no one thing that I would mention. IBM invests a lot of money to improve the tool and maintain it. There are improvements all the time happening in different areas. View full review »
Business Intelligence Consultant at a university with 10,001+ employees
I would like to see better support for advanced analytics. View full review »
Nelson Cheng
Senior Manager of MIS at Fountain Set
Performance is something that can be improved with DB2. We have had issues with respect to scalability. The usability can be simplified. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about IBM Db2 Database. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: September 2020.
447,439 professionals have used our research since 2012.