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Assistant Professor
I started using CPLEX because I needed access to an integer programming solver and the CP solver. I wasn't using another product beforehand. View full review »
Javad Seif
Graduate Research Assistant at University Of Tennessee Space Institute
Beforehand, I was using GAMS for my masters degree. Then my advisor recommended using CPLEX. Once I installed it I found that I loved the OPL and how easy it was to write down the model. So if I want to do something really quickly, I go straight to CPLEX's studio and write it there. I also use Gurobi, in conjunction with Python. This is just because one of my course instructors used Gurobi with Python. But it shouldn't be any different, it's the same. View full review »
Phd Candidate
I was not using any solutions previously. I ended up working on CPLEX because my adviser told me to. View full review »
Research Assistant
CPLEX was the first optimization tool that I have used. I started using CPLEX when a supervisor in my previous company told me to try it out. View full review »
Research Assistant at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees
When the problem is too large we use Gurobi at the same time. There are ways to connect these things. It's a little hard but it's still possible. So, Gurobi as a solver sometimes. I used AMPL but I feel that CPLEX is much bigger, much more professional and easier to use. I was also using another software called Lindo, but that couldn't handle any big problems. I ended up searching for better solutions and I realized that our university has CPLEX, so I started using CPLEX and that was a life changing. The constraint programming feature in CPLEX was something that pushed me as well. One of the problems I was solving should have been modeled as a constraint program model. View full review »
Zheng Zhang
Post Doctorate Research Fellow at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
When I was an undergrad I used Nengo but I heard about CPLEX from my teacher in university, as well as from from friends who recommended it. I also used Gurobi. View full review »
Before CPLEX I used to use GAMS and I still use both of them. GAMS has different links with different solvers. The solvers are developed by different companies but the functions are different. So the solver that I will choose to use depends on the problem. View full review »
Associate Professor at Loyola University Chicago
CPLEX is sort of what I learned on. I will admit that I have used other products too, but CPLEX is what I know the best. View full review »
Banu Kabakulah
Phd Student at Bogazici University
No, I didn't try any other programs but I heard about them from my friends who are using these kind of optimization programs. View full review »
Murat Erkoc
Associate Professor at University of Miami - Miller School of Medicine
In terms of solvers, yes. For example, for nonlinear, I used different software like Baron, Gurobi, and the like. But for integer programs, I've always been using CPLEX. View full review »
Scientist at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
We use CPLEX because it is the industry standard. Before CPLEX I used open source software and LINDO. As a consultant, I need to consider various factors such as cost, performance and client preferences. Taking in these factors, I decided to go with CPLEX. It is the best. View full review »
Graduate Student at a university with 10,001+ employees
Yes, I switched between Gurobi and CPLEX for a while there. View full review »
Assistant Professor at University Of Florida
When I scaled the problem and it didn't solve as soon as I did it, it was taking too long, people told me, "Try CPLEX." View full review »
Phd Student at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees
I also use Gurobi sometimes. I think the university picked CPLEX just because we have a license. View full review »
Jongeun Kim
Phd Student at University Of Florida
Xpress and Gurobi. I'm not switching. It depends on the project. I can use all of them. View full review »
Brett Shields
Graduate Research Assistant at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees
My advisor told me that I needed to use CPLEX. I wasn't using a different solution beforehand. View full review »
Graduate Teaching Assistant
LINDO and LINGO. View full review »
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