Functional Testing Tools Questions
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Oct 27 2020

There are many functional testing tools on the market? Do you have recommendations for the best tools to use for end-to-end testing?

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Aug 25 2020

There are so many tools to choose from for non-SAP testing. In your opinion, which tool is best for non-SAP testing? What makes this tool stand out?

Steven RobertsMicro Focus UFT One accelerates and simplifies end-to-end functional testing… more »
Héctor RuvalcabaMicro Focus has tools for support all end to end testing process, so in this… more »
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Oct 19 2020

There are so many tools to choose from to do SAP testing. In your opinion, which tool is the best choice for SAP testing? What differentiates this tool from its competitors?

Steven RobertsMicro Focus delivers a wide portfolio of ADM products that include support for… more »
Héctor RuvalcabaIn my experience with SAP Core Banking implementation, the best tool to automate… more »
reviewer1119750Below mentioned are the Test management & Automation tools which we can use… more »
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What can be done to reduce the chances of software failing?

MarkusBonnerCommon causes for software failure are: 1. Poor requirements definition… more »
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What are some common use cases for SAP and non-SAP testing? 

Fareed Ab
Sr Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

Right now we are using Smartbear TestComplete, but tried Ranorex as well. It is capturing some parts of data but because the data is constantly changing the script is failing as it couldn't find that particular field. We then need to export this data to excel. 

Any suggestions? 


Francesco PecchioliIn my opinion, Microfocus UFT (Unified Functional Testing) is the right tool for… more »
Duncan PowellUFT (Unified Functional Testing) would be the best option given the information… more »
reviewer1054566Have them look at Micro Focus Unified Functional Test solution and speak with a… more »
Nurit Sherman
Content Specialist
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We all know that it's important to conduct a trial and/or proof of concept as part of the buying process. 

Do you have any advice for the community about the best way to conduct a trial or PoC? How do you conduct a trial effectively? 

What mistakes should be avoided?

Miguel Jerone OrmitaSome tips in conducting PoC. 1. Create a decision matrix. Try Pugh Selection… more »
Don IngersonBased on my 10 plus years of experience in automated functional testing, my… more »
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
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Let the community know what you think. Share your opinions now!

Ram SubramanyaAutonomous scripting based on test case leveraging NLP/AI and AI/ML for… more »
Héctor RuvalcabaEnsuring that the tool covers the technological characteristics of its… more »