IBM Scale-out NAS Competitors and Alternatives

Read reviews of IBM Scale-out NAS competitors and alternatives
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Solutions Engineer at AmWINS Group, Inc.
Dec 04 2016

What is most valuable?

In a word, performance. It was primarily brought in to replace our EVA with something that was more capable from a performance perspective. We did not order solid state in our original configuration and we were looking for something which could grow with us, that could handle unpredictable VMware workloads better, and that didn't have the bottlenecks of a... more»

What needs improvement?

My 3PAR array is too old to support File Persona, and I would love to be able to do that, but that's something that we would need more powerful controllers. We've got the first generation, so at some point we will get it, but we've got to wait for a refresh cycle.
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Sr. Enterprise Storage Engineer at Providence Health & Services
Dec 15 2017

What do you think of NetApp FAS Series?

Primary Use Case NAS for the enterprise including unstructured data, EPIC Systems + the other 3,520 applications. I love those innovative healthcare data solutions that let me securely manage vast amounts of patient data (32.9 PB), use and share it enterprise-wide, and gain efficiency of scale through cloud solutions and virtualization. • Improvements to My Organization Home directory access & Innovative clinical data and IT storage solutions from NetApp to share patient data across the continuum of care. Through improved flexibility and efficiency, NetApp solutions helps improve my healthcare workflows so you can deliver better patient care • Valuable Features Powerful Easy to use High availability DFM OCI Data fabric FPolicy Cluster-mode Hybrid cloud...

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