IBM SPSS Statistics Primary Use Case

Independent Director at a pharma/biotech company
We use IBM SPSS Statistics as well as the Modeler. I would say 70% of our work is on Statistics and 30% is on the Modeler. I'm an independent consultant and my clients have lots of clinical level laboratories. Clinical companies, pharma companies, like Cipla, Biocon, etc. And also logistic companies, like Maersk and Blue Dot. I do the clinical analysis of their data. These companies provide the data and I give them the results. The customer gets the results in whatever format they want. All these companies that I work with also have software other than IBM SPSS. For example, Visual Analytics, SAP Discovery, and solutions like that. So I have to do a liaison with all these other software to fetch the data and present it to the client in whichever format they prefer because there are some features which IBM SPSS statistics has which SAS doesn't have. And there are a lot of features that SAS Visual Analytics has that IBM SPSS doesn't have. So it's a trade-off between these two. I do the liaising with all the partners. View full review »
Associate Professor of Statistics at KAU
I have wide experience with SPSS Statistics. I have even written books about it. Statistics is part of analysis, but SPSS Statistics has some differences from just straight analysis. It is also a modeler, has some automation, and can build models like linear regression. It is completely different when you use a modeler for your analysis. A modeler is designed specifically for building models of data in an automated way and using the models for prediction, and forecasting. It can help you see the data and the meaning in different ways. Because I am a statistician, originally I am trained for both modeling and non-parametric analysis. Most modeling tools are completely different. They have no non-parametric analysis because they are used for large sample data or big data analysis. The primary use for SPSS Statistics for me is, of course, data analysis. View full review »
Founder at pt. sma
In our company, we have about 2000 workers. I use K-means algorithms all the time. So, for example, say we want to classify workers to do better studies by groupings. Maybe we want to target groups of workers who tend to make more errors so we can concentrate on reducing the effects of this issue. We can further classify the grouping in terms of age and in terms of year of services in the company or other ways that may be helpful. After we have found the grouping of people, we can do other types of analysis and the result of the study can be used to apply solutions. In this case, where we are looking to reduce errors, it might be a solution to deploy more supervision and evaluate more of the variables from the group of the employee that we have isolated to analyze performance issues. For example, we may want to reduce excessive overtime to enhance alertness. We are use TFS (Team Foundation Server) and we use the K-means algorithm to help optimize the behaviors in the groups that we identify. I think in the future this kind of algorithm will be used widely by people to predict many things and to improve the performance of businesses and individuals. View full review »
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Associate Professor of Statistics at KAU
I am using SPSS Statistics in many, many, many fields - more than you can imagine. The last one I was working on was with women at the Human Rights Council. I'm also using SPSS Amos for structural equation modeling. I'm using it to analyze data for business, data for engineering, and many other fields. Besides being a professional, I also sometimes advise or solve problems for others who are working with it in business or doing their Ph.D. or master's degree in it. Again, it is useful in many, many fields. View full review »
Business Owner at a analyst firm with 1-10 employees
The company is primarily using the solution as a statistical tool. View full review »
Founding Partner at Altdata Analytics
The primary use case of this solution is for statistical approaches, performing ED tests, and multi-armed bandit tests. It gathers the results that help us to decide on what type of campaign works best, and what type of branding would work best. View full review »
Senior Statistical Consultant at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
I'm a senior statistical consultant. We mainly use IBM SPSS to find data and organize it. We have about 10 people in our company that use the product for analysis. The work is seasonal, sometimes we use the product daily and during other periods maybe weekly, monthly or quarterly. It really depends on when the work comes in. Our company uses many different types of software and it's really dependent on the individual situation and requirements of the company. View full review »
CEO at Avina
My primary use for IBM SPSS Statistics is as a user and a consultant. I use it for my research in market analytics. I also use it for cluster analysis for customers. Currently, my eight students in university are using it in their projects. I think that IBM SPSS has improved very much and its data mining capabilities are also very good. I suggest it as a powerful research tool for anybody in different areas. I work mostly with market analytics. I think that it's good in different areas. For example, some of my students in university also use it for factor analysis and component analysis. I also use it for descriptive statistics describing a population, and for information analysis. Its application for regulation analysis is very good. And I use it in my private work, too. View full review »
Assistant Director-Data Analytics at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
We use SPSS specifically for doing segmentation analysis and customer analysis including various kinds of share model predictions, etc. View full review »
Business Process Improvement at Godfrey Phillips India Ltd
I primarily use the solution for data analysis. View full review »
CEO & Owner at a tech services company
We primarily use the solution for the advanced analytics features or asset maintenance for IBM Maximo. View full review »
Volkan ÇAma?
Lead Consultant at Caligo
The primary use case of this solution is for collecting business data and reporting to upper management. Also, I am creating some regulatory and ad-hoc reports. View full review »
Policy Analyst at a government with 10,001+ employees
My primary use for this solution was to interpret the results of a survey. I made use of correlation methods and other features to perform this analysis. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about IBM SPSS Statistics. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
443,152 professionals have used our research since 2012.