IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Competitors and Alternatives

Read reviews of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager competitors and alternatives
Real User
Senior System Engineer at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
Jul 22 2018

How has it helped my organization?

CyberArk has allowed us to get the credentials and passwords out of hard-coded property files. This is why we went with AIM in the beginning. Then, on the EBB user side, we were able to secure all the server root passwords and admin for... more»

What needs improvement?

I would like to see is the policy export and import. When we expend, we do not want to just hand do a policy. Even with exporting and importing, this will help.
Customer Relations at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
Jan 23 2017

What is most valuable?

Rich authorization engine for delegated admin Robust workflow capability with BPML engine Extensive connector support Diagnostics are pretty good

How has it helped my organization?

Used it for external user registration, password & profile management Attempted to model a hierarchical role model but the OIM Access Policies, which map roles to entitlements, don't provision entitlements from inherited roles. This is a... more»

What needs improvement?

A lot of Dependencies - Oracle database, WebLogic, SOA A lot of things still have to be done in Design Console, which still has a 90's UI. No REST interface for Identity as a Service that I'm aware of Doesn't hide its complexity Expensive... more»
Real User
Senior Software Design Engineer-IAM at a university with 10,001+ employees
Aug 09 2017

What do you think of SailPoint IdentityIQ?

Valuable Features The Certification and Provisioning features are most valuable. • Improvements to My Organization Manager Certification helped to review user access and revoked unnecessary accesses to various applications. • Room for Improvement The connector for EPIC, ServiceNow, and Duo. • Use of Solution More than a year. • Stability Issues None, except cosmetics issues related to UI and documentation. • Scalability Issues No. • Customer Service and Technical Support Excellent. • Previous Solutions We didn’t have a solution for Certification, but we had a homegrown solution for all other IAM processes. For various reasons, we switched to IIQ. • Initial Setup It was straightforward. • Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing They are expensive....

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