IBM Tivoli NetCool OMNIbus Competitors and Alternatives

Read reviews of IBM Tivoli NetCool OMNIbus competitors and alternatives
Senior Software Engineer with 201-500 employees
Jan 17 2018

What do you think of BMC TrueSight Operations Management?

Primary Use Case We utilize BMC TSOM to monitor our entire infrastructure and all applications that lie therein. Our infrastructure is hosted both in our datacenters and in cloud hosted services (AWS and Azure). • Improvements to My Organization It has provided us with a single location to host all events to be viewed/monitored by our NOC. This has greatly helped them to streamline their processes. • Valuable Features TSOM's ability to consolidate alerts into a single location and provide filtering of alerts is great. It is very helpful to be able to apply rule-based routing to alerts as well. • Room for Improvement BMC's solutions for cloud monitoring (monitoring of AWS and Azure resources) are very poor in stability and customization.  BMC's online documentation is...
Real User
QA Engineer at a Consumer Goods with 1,001-5,000 employees
Aug 30 2016

What is most valuable?

The agent for both products is solid and reliable and does not require post-deployment maintenance/restarts, as required by other products I have used. Also, the way objects are discovered by class allows for quick overrides without much rework.

How has it helped my organization?

Managing a fleet of 9000-plus servers across multiple time zones and administrative domains, the ability to alter a threshold across the entire fleet within seconds has improved how my organization functions. It has reduced the amount of time... more»

What needs improvement?

It would be nice to see the old MP Designer come back as you could quickly design and build a MP without a deep understanding of the XML code behind it. Having to use Visual Studio requires a much deeper understanding of MP coding and limits... more»
Real User
System Monitoring Engineer at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
Jan 10 2017

What do you think of Micro Focus Operations Manager?

Valuable Features The most valuable feature is the integration with other HPE products because it enables us to feed all the information into same area; whereas before it was in different sites. It is very adaptable and relatively easy to install. • Room for Improvement I can't think of any areas for improvement at the moment, but we haven't had it for long enough for me to say. We're still in the process of assessing it. It's been pretty impressive so far. • Stability Issues The stability has been very good so far. We've only had it a short time. • Scalability Issues It is very good on scalability. • Customer Service and Technical Support The technical support is normally very good, but occasionally patchy. • Previous Solutions We were coming to the end of...

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