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CA Technologies
Real User
Senior Systems Programmer at FDC
Nov 27 2017

What do you think of CA SYSVIEW?

Primary Use Case We use it to control everything that's going on in the system. It's a very good tool to use for a system programmer and for a normal programmer. • Valuable Features As a system programmer I can see deep into the system, where nearly everything is at, so it's a very good tool for us to use. • Improvements to My Organization It's quicker to get information, it saves time. • Room for Improvement From the demo I attended it looks like all the features I would want are coming. • Stability Issues Very good, no downtime. • Scalability Issues It's very good. • Customer Service and Technical Support I haven't used technical support for SYSVIEW but I have used CA support and it's very good. • Previous Solutions We were using SDS from IBM....
Real User
Produktionssteuerung at a health, wellness and fitness company with 10,001+ employees
Jan 01 2018

What do you think of BMC MainView?

Primary Use Case MainView is used as a central point of view to control and monitor systems on the mainframe like z/OS, CICS, MQSeries IMS, or DB2.  • Improvements to My Organization MainView has enabled me, in the past, to solve production problems faster, or even avoid them preemptively with warnings. • Valuable Features The integration of IMS commands is very useful, because you do not have to switch to another tool to problem solve solutions. • Room for Improvement More visualisation and support for mobile devices would be good. An expansion for distributed systems would be great, but probably not workable. • Previous Solutions We did use IBM OMEGAMON, but switched to BMC MainView, because it is easier to use, more flexible, and it also came in a software...

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