IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON Room for Improvement

Peter Beylemans
Mainframe Support at AGinsurance

We can only see online information but there isn't any historical data to see something that happened a few hours previous. We don't have the ability to access that information. Previously, with MainView, we could look back at information from two days before and get information. We could easily get information from Plexus. Now, we don't have a single screen to check which has been annoying. 

Compared to MainView, Tivoli is rubbish. We are forced to use this solution. We couldn't stay with MainView.

I would like for it to be easier to check the system performance. It should have the ability to see historical data. 

We can't see the percentages to see the percentages of the CPU utilized. We should be able to see how much was used by our part of the system. Now, we have to continuously recalculate that information. 

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