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What is ICS BANKS Lending?

ICS BANKS Lending consists of modules that are highly parameterised, highly flexible and modular. All systems are based on a product design architecture, therefore the customer can design any new product, link such products to the general ledger (GL), commissions & charges, schedule of repayment, using any of the calculation methods available. The system is integrated with the Business Process Management module, BANKS BPM, will support the full workflow cycle of Origination, studying, approval and processing. Interest method supported can be Flat, Discounted, Simple, Compounded, Subsidised, present value, future value and many more.

ICS BANKS Lending is also known as ICSFS BANKS Lending.

ICS BANKS Lending Customers
Safwa Islamic Bank, Al-Motrabetah Investment Company, Housing Bank For Trade & Finance, Arab Jordan Investment Bank, Oromia International Bank, Ahli Financial Leasing Company
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