IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager Benefits

Senior DBA Lead at a government with 10,001+ employees
We get hundreds of alerts per day, because we manage so many different servers and databases, that alert us to disk space issues, query issues, a wide variety of things. We take that information and we're able to make proactive decisions as to what we need to do. In terms of the solution helping us with performance monitoring and diagnostics, sticking with the alerting feature, we're able to diagnose issues prior to their actually becoming issues. Without the alerting, we wouldn't have a clue as to what was going to happen. With the alerting, it gives us a heads-up that a specific threshold has been met, and we need to take specific action. Overall, it has allowed us to do more with database management and run more databases on a given server, because we're able to isolate issues quicker and take the proactive steps necessary to correct them. We were spread out with many servers running databases. We've consolidated some 80 servers down to just a handful. We're getting more bang for the buck out of the equipment that we have. View full review »
Senior Manager, Data Operations at a Consumer Goods with 201-500 employees
It just allows us to respond quickly to any database issues. We have customized the alerts to be "critical." We will actually then send a PagerDuty alert which will then buzz us. Non-critical stuff will go into our inbox and we'll look at it. View full review »
Senior DBA with 10,001+ employees
With Diagnostic Manager what happens is that, when it reaches a certain threshold, it helps us diagnose the issue. For example, disk space: If it's going low on disk space, it alerts us saying, "Hey, this is the warning, and this is at this percent." It allows us to try to see, or remedy, the causes. It's more proactive. View full review »
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