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Menoj Roekalea
DBA Consultant at Brocacef
Apr 26 2018

What is most valuable?

* Indexing and locking analyses * The ability to generate optimize scripts. * The prioritized recommendations are nice to have. Furthermore, you can have multiple scans archived when comparing the tracing from a baseline perspective. Two scans can give us insights concerning the difference between a… more »

How has it helped my organization?

We have instructed our service desk to start capturing with SQL Doctor when performance issues are being called in. Therefore, we do not miss the crucial data from that specific moment. The senior analysts then can do their analyses afterwards.

What needs improvement?

SQL Doctor should be improved in Availability Groups, mirroring, and clustering analyses. We mostly see index and query plan analyses. It should be broader than this.

What other advice do I have?

It is the perfect first action that we can take with the help from our service desk!

What is IDERA SQL Doctor?

IDERA SQL Doctor is a must-have time-saving tool that leverages proven industry best practices endorsed by Microsoft SQL Server Most Valuable Professionals to analyze and provide recommendations for improving the performance of Microsoft SQL Server. It targets some of the most common performance problems such as queries, server configuration, security, database objects, memory, wait statistics, query plans, and much more.

Unlike its competitors, it provides display health of all instances, generation of ready-to-run SQL scripts to optimize and undo optimization, limiting of analysis to specified databases, applications, and performance categories, and real-time, as-needed, and scheduled checkups.

IDERA SQL Doctor customers

Lake IT; ArcelorMittal, Canadian Natural Resources, Capital One Financial, Comcast, Dollar General, Pfizer Inc., SCANA, Tata Consultancy Services, United Technologies, Xerox

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