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Operations Expert at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Dec 04 2012

What is most valuable?

Low price per hour computing on demand in a premier VMware Environment.

What needs improvement?

The only con I can really come up with is to say the salesman was insistant. He was smart in that he was trying to solve my issues regardless of if it was his solution or another, but if his solution fit, he wanted to make sure I knew it and why it was the best fit. In other words, a good salesman. This isn't really a con, but since this site requires one, that is the best I can give you.

What other advice do I have?

The service is great and dead simple to use. The hard part is the IT part ;) I use it as a home lab, and the hourly pricing is critical to minimize my costs. They provide ample discounts if you commit to a minimum usage level, which is very low. The best part is that mimimum usage guarantees does not provide a usage cap - it just defines the individual resource useage costs and minimum level of… more »

What is iland Secure Cloud?

iland represents the only cloud with true innovation and intelligent management built in. iland has more than eight years of experience hosting VMware-based clouds. Make the most of your existing investment in vSphere or vCloud Director with iland's Enterprise Cloud Services.
Also known as
iland Secure Cloud Infrastructure
iland Secure Cloud customers
Dell, SKF, vmware, DST, versata, idbs, Leica Goosystems, Mobile Accord, AppSense, macmillan Publishers, IOPSYS
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