InfoWorks Questions

Jacky Hood
CEO at FieldDay Solutions, Inc.

I am the CEO of a small Software R&D company.

What are the prices for Infoworks software, training, and support?

Data Warehouse Questions
Bruce Tan
Director at SLS Bearings (S) Pte. Ltd.

I am a director at a business enhancement solutions company that provides mechanical systems and distributes high-quality bearings and related products.

I am planning for b2b e-commerce. I have operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Mongolia. Each country uses a different ERP. Singapore HQ uses JDE (one world), that was last implemented 20 years ago.

I intend to consolidate the data to one 'location' for the integration of data into e-commerce or e-marketplace. Is a data warehouse the best way to go? 

Thanks! I appreciate your help. 

RamakrishnanRamanathaiahIt depends on whom do you ask the question. I personally say, Yes, Absolutely… more »
David RossiThe idea of an EDW or enterprise data warehouse is the right path. That said… more »