ZTNA as a Service Questions
Evgeny Belenky
IT Central Station
Jul 01 2021

Hi community, 

Let's discuss this relatively new term: Cybersecurity Mesh. What is Cybersecurity Mesh? And how is this term related to Zero Trust architecture?

Share your professional expertise with other peers!

Cybersecurity Mesh vs Zero Trust


Ahmad ZuhdiThe cybersecurity mesh is a key component of a zero-trust network philosophy… more »
Evgeny Belenky
IT Central Station
Apr 30 2021


Please share your expertise and experience with the community on how to start implementing a Zero Trust model in an enterprise.

Thank you!

ABHILASH THWhat is zero trust? Assume zero trust when someone or something requests… more »
User at CPE


I'm researching ZTNA solutions. Any recommendations for the best option?

Carmit Hagbi
Independent Business Owner at Hili Light

Our two finalists for private access are Zscaler & Netskope.

Any advice on pros/cons of both would be much appreciated! 

Any deep comparison matrix you can recommend?

Head - IT Infrastructure at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
May 21 2021

I am the Head of IT Infrastructure at a mid-sized enterprise financial services firm. I'm looking for an alternative to Zscaler Private Access, with similar features of seamless VPN login. Any recommendations?

Don VelinorAs an alternative to ZScaler for VPN access. I would recommend NetSkope Private… more »