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Patch Management Questions
Jorge Barroso
Consultor at Scitum
Jul 29 2021

Hi peers,

There is a lot of new solutions and upgrades (of the old ones) that take relevance these days. 

How is your IT department dealing with these situations now? What methods, solutions, and tools do you use to help you in managing yourr IT?

Managing Director at FOX DATA
Jul 15 2021


Can you please explain the advantages, complexity, and security challenges of cloud-based vs in-house patch management systems?

Also, can you recommend the best cloud-based patch solution.

Thanks for your help.

IT Central Station
Aug 12 2021

Hello peers,

Patching is considered important for improving and maintaining software security. 

What are the risks associated with NOT performing regular patching on existing software? How does patch management make this process easier?

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