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My organisation is using Redhat JBoss EBB and Oracle Enterprise Database. Can we embed products by using these two different products, as Oracle Enterprise is itself an embedded database. If a client asks us to provide embed products, can we fulfill his requirement?

Martin KlierYes, you can. The tech product will stay the same, what you need is to become an… more »
ESB Questions
Financial Technology Solution Consultant at Intellect Design Arena Ltd
Dec 07 2020

I'm Financial Technology Solution Consultant in a large company. What is the role of ESB/ API Managers in a digital banking environment?

Paul PerezESB and API are really different entities. If you read about a kind of… more »
Rohit SAHNIThe industry framework has changed rapidly. Instead of a strong core and… more »
IT Central Station
Jul 28 2020

What is an ESB used for in business? How useful is it to have an ESB?

BPMexp67Slightly escaping the technical language, an ESB is a software that allows you… more »
Mahmoud ElkholyI would add slight thing to the nice explanation from BPMexp76 ESB would… more »
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Can you explain the differences between API Gateways and ESBs? What considerations are there for a business choose one over the other?

DeepakMishraAPI GATEWAY An API gateway is an API management tool that sits between a… more »
Archana BhatESB is enterprise service bus primarily to have an architecture where many… more »
Robert SolomonsESB Centralization of integration and the mediation of payloads are the main… more »
Miriam Tover
Content Specialist
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There's a lot of vendor hype about ESB solutions. ESBs are not something you just install it and wait for great things to happen, right?

What questions should someone ask before purchasing an enterprise service bus?

Help your peers ask the right questions so that they'll make the best decision.

Binayak NandaThere are two kinds of integration piece ESB & EAI. If your requirement is for… more »
Radhey-RajputFor purchasing the ESB, you should ask the few questions below: 1. It should… more »
Ariel Lindenfeld
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