Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Questions
Rendra Kurniawan, SFC.,CMPM
Feb 11 2021

Dear All, 

Can you suggest 2 or 3 products that could compete with:

1. Fortify WebInspect 

2. Fortify Static Code Analyzer

I need suggestions for similar products so I could compare for my consultant project. 
Thanks in advance for the advice.


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What are the different types of tools that should be used together in DevSecOps?

What are the specific tools that you like to use when working on your DevSecOps pipeline? 

What is essential, and what is a nice-to-have? 

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What are some best practices for reducing OSS vulnerabilities?

Meng Chen
Student at Syracuse University

What are the main differences between Black Duck and Veracode for Software Composition Analysis (SCA)?

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