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Line Technical Agent at a comms service provider
Reviewed JIRA Portfolio: Stable, easy to deploy, and has…
Senior Management Consultant at a consultancy
Reviewed JIRA Portfolio: Managing cards as a Kanban is very…
PLM Development at a transportation company
Owner at YggVal
Reviewed JIRA Portfolio: A user-friendly solution that…
Agile Consultant at Capgemini
Agile Coach at a tech services company
Reviewed JIRA Portfolio: Good graphics and charts but we…
Test Manager at a financial services firm
Reviewed JIRA Portfolio: Has a good dashboard and is…
Technical Manager at a tech services company
Reviewed JIRA Portfolio: Makes it easy to collaborate but…
Senior Technical Lead at a tech vendor
Reviewed JIRA Portfolio: Provides a lot of plugins but it's…
Co-Founder at up2metric P.C.
Reviewed JIRA Portfolio: Our processes are more efficient…