JIRA Service Management Room for Improvement

Director of ERP Systems at Clesen Wholesale

The way it handles subtasks can be improved. We would really like the ability to have different types of subtasks. If we have a user story for a feature, we would like to have a subtask for documentation, a subtask for requirements, a subtask for development, and a subtask for testing. Right now, we just make four subtasks, but there is no way to specify their type, so we have to add a custom field to specify what type of work is this. It just means you've got to look at more data. 

For logging time or time tracking, we would like to have something using which we can define the work type we're doing. We would like to log whether we're working on a bug, a new development, scope change, or rework. We've got a user story for which we do the dev, and then we have to do more dev. It is the same story, but some of it could have been a scope change, and some of it could be a rework because we either screwed up the first time or missed something obvious. Currently, we have to have a custom field and track that separately. It would be nice to have some kind of work type for logging time.

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Agile Couch at Fusoft

I think that JIRA Service Desk is a very good product and that it is full of features that work well to manage tasks. It has the flexibility to handle many different activities and it is very good at this. Especially in the latest version, it has some new features and capabilities that were added so that it is even better.

The one thing I would like to see is better capabilities to integrate with products other than parts of the Atlassian system. For example, if there is a Microsoft product that is better for another team the integration may be difficult or impossible.

Any one business process software can't do everything a system needs. For example, I have experience with JIRA and TFS (Team Foundation Server). TFS is a very good application and a good solution for software development teams. It's not the perfect solution for all parts of an organization and maybe does not fit an organization's needs well. In some cases, it may be better. It depends on the use. If you want a broad solution for your company, for task management, or issue tracking, TFS is not a good solution. For software development, TFS is very, very good and may be just what you need.

After using the product and knowing the benefits of TFS, I thought that combining the systems would be the best solution: the combined system could help the company to decrease the time it took to process software issues. I think JIRA Service Desk does not have features that are as good for tracking fix times or bottlenecks in the process. You can use different plug-ins for JIRA Service Desk to add some functionality, but these plug-ins are very expensive. It would be nice if JIRA Service Desk added in some of these features for this type of support.

But about the plugins, I found one plug-in — its name is Actionable Metric I think — and it is $3000. That is very expensive for users in Iran. For most customers, I would not be able to propose this solution because it's very expensive. But it is also very important to some of the projects I consult with. Because of that, it eliminates JIRA Service Desk from consideration, because we can't integrate them into the system.

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Lead Consultant at Enquero Inc

JIRA Service Desk is really good when you have a primitive environment where most of the Atlassian applications are already present. However, if you are just using JIRA Service Desk for making leads for an IPS and solution, then it becomes really difficult to get all these IPS and capabilities up and running. This is due to the fact that in a native application, we don't get all these capabilities. 

JSD has some analytics, but it's pretty much basic and simple dashboards. There's no mobile application for JSD. It really would benefit from better implementation with other vendors. We're heavily reliant on some external marketplace applications.

We don't find there's support for CMDB.

The notifications are limited. That is good if a client environment is small enough and they do not require any advanced or mature use cases, but if they require it, then that's when we face a lot of issues because Jira Service Desk doesn't compliment such advanced decisions.

Jira should offer package solutions and be much more focused on giving advanced capabilities. If they are not developing advanced capabilities, at least, what they can do is focus on providing a packaged solution to give their customers the flexibility to choose what type of business package they want - whether its operations based or finance related. 

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Technical Solutions Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

One of the best additions to this product would be a single centralized point in which to store all the documents that are involved in progressing with tasks. For instance, if you're working on a JIRA task and you attach a document to it, not everybody will share a centralized storage facility where all the documents are. The idea would be to make it so everybody can see (or view) the same current document. They would get specific privileges (e.g., view or edit). But if a document is shared now, as it is in potentially an older version, it may not be accurate. Better to share the current document so that everyone has the same information.

Centralized document storage would allow all documents to be linked to any issue where it was pertinent rather than having to be attached to specific issues and limiting the viewers.

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Information Technology Service Desk Manager at MAF Retail

From the customer side, it's not friendly used compared to other competitors, like ServiceNow or BMC. It's also not fully ITSM management if you compare it with ServiceNow or BMC. They have a full model of ITSM. In BMC they have TrueSight, they have Discovery, which helps IT to discover IT equipment with a serial number, with the specs, capacity of the server. It will give them a view of what's happening if you want to manage requests for change or incidents or planned maintenance. That is available in BMC. They can put a timeframe for maintenance, whenever you want to raise issues, it will tell you that there is client maintenance. And it prevents you from creating issues. This kind of automation is missing from Jira.

Maybe I could find it if I added add-ons or patch in add-ons. Jira cannot compete with what is developed now in ServiceNow and BMC. They are focusing on having a full set of ITSM and a full set of ITOM, which is needed to enhance a lot in Jira. 

There are improvements in every release. They don't look at competitors. They focus more on enhancing bugs or enhancing the features that they have, to fix the bugs that they have, to listen to the users' recommendations. The other competitors are looking to enhance, to change entire the platform to make it reliable, or to make it also near for the growth of the company expectation. The IT team is looking for more automation, more link with systems. How they can, for example, prevent issues from happening. 

We want people to not slow down with the tickets. We want people to have the issue solved automatically. I know that there are add-ons, but always does not fit or is not always in the proper way that we are looking for. 

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IT Manager at Razi Insurance

An improvement they could add is a better management dashboard. We only use the dashboard for the administration mode. We have a dashboard that reports the state of bugs or requirements. However, customers can only view requests that they made. We are not able to share a dashboard with our manager level customers to show them all of the requests in a quick dashboard.

For Service Desk, I think the product now is very good and complete. Only the management dashboard for customers is a feature we would like to see in a future release. Maybe it is available already and we just can't find it.

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Product Manager at Hashmove

Some of the areas that could be improved are with the customizations. For example, if I wanted to add a new user with the same name, or start a new bot, add a new caller, or even just want to add a new column, it is complicated. This area can be simplified. 

The foundation needs to be simplified.

As an additional feature, I would like to see some permissions and definitions added or to allow us to add things such as a surname or additional rules in the work tools. 

Rules are needed for the configuration also, giving us access to writing the rules.

JIRA protects the end-user, but for the configuration, more rules could be added to improve the workflow.

The workflow could be more user-friendly.

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Corporate Performance Lead at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees

If we could have more Queue Management within Jira itself, instead of purchasing Jira Services as an add-on, it would be better. 

We purchased the add-on called Diviniti Queues that give us some priority settings for all of the queues of aggregation.

The single sign-on has some stability issues that need to be improved.

If we can have an easier way to deploy this solution without the help of a consultant and a more reliable way of deploying procedures, it would be quite helpful. It's difficult to deploy.

I would like to see improvements made to the interface to make it more user-friendly. There is too much information on the screen. Also, user experience management. What they have now is a screen full of data fields that are scattered everywhere. If we could reduce the amount of information we are giving to the users then it would be much easier.

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Project & Delivery Manager at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees

At times you will need add-ons or additional software, so built-in features would be helpful. For example, a built-in SIEM.

It would be interesting to add an Atlassian SIEM. I think it would be great!

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IT Quality Section Head at Saudi Public Transport Company JSC

The solution should be more formalized. It could be more user-friendly.

If we are talking about IT service management, I think more features related to problem management need to be within the solution. If you want something for supplier management or complication management, you have to buy some add-ons from the market to help you with this. However, there needs more enhancements regarding that both on the solution and with available add-ons. 

Arabic support is very important. It should be included on the solution itself, not provided separately. The reporting features should include more how-to guidance.

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Consultant at Lupus

For us, one of the weaknesses of Service Desk is that we can not check every issue in the queue raised for one product. If we have more than one customer using a product that has raised a ticket, we can not see the complete list of issues for the one product from all sources. It is not as easy or efficient to handle tickets without that capability.  

For this reason, we have an add-on administrative tool that we had to purchase separately for use with JIRA to help make the workflow more efficient. This could be added to the base product for all users.  

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Quality Engineering Lead at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

One of the issues is that this solution keeps changing within a short period. 

During the updates, when another version gets released, whatever I am tracking at that time gets lost and I have to type it all over again.

Some enhancements can be done on the GANTT chart. It is not as user-friendly, and not easy to get established in JIRA.

I would like to see the documents open in the same browser, and not need to download it each time. It is not easy to be established, it requires a lot of work to keep it up.

In the next release, I would like to see more work in preferences. It would be great.

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Owner and Senior Consultant at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

I think the solution has a lack of capabilities from the user's perspective. I would, for example, be able to see all the phases instead of only being able to create a ticket. I want to be familiar with all the steps and be able to change things during these steps. I would like to see that improved. 

What's more, we wanted to be resellers for this program, but it was denied, unfortunately. The claim of the developers was that they didn't need other resellers or partners. I think they made a mistake because we work with a lot of customers. So I think that needs to be improved because we sell and we are business partners of IBM and Microsoft, for example. But with Atlassian, it's very, very hard. 

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Vice President Digital Strategy & Executive Delivery at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

I think there are other IT ticketing tools that are better in terms of routing or work flows than Jira Service Desk. If you work at an enterprise size company, it might be preferable to use ServiceNow than Jira Service Desk which is better for smaller companies.

I'd like to see a well integrated solution. For example, if I wanted to do some testing, I don't want to have to buy another testing tool and integrate it with Jira. If Jira had a place for it to connect the requirements to the testing, that would be amazing.

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Director of operations at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees

It is pretty complex to move between the test environment and the production environment. There is potential for improvement.

Security is always an issue with every tool. So, everything can be more secure.

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Operations Executive at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

They need to work on the speed of Jira.

I would like to see a portal that supports communication between team members, where they are all notified about progress on a ticket.

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CEO at a tech vendor with 1-10 employees

Usability needs improvement. To configure it, you need to be well versed in JIRA administration. It's not very intuitive.

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Financial Sector Consulting Manager at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

There should be better connections with access management. They should improve the connectivity. 

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521,817 professionals have used our research since 2012.