JotForm Room for Improvement

Business Administrator at Wise Driving School Pty Ltd
As of writing (June 2020), JotForm appears to be migrating from an older platform and UI. They definitely need to streamline the seemingly duplicate analytics and reports pages. Some of these pages cant even be accessible from the home page (you have to go via an intermediate menu). Another thing i would like to see improved is the PDF builder. As mentioned above, it is simply not flexible enough in terms of field positioning. They tried to implement the "block" method of design used in many wysiwyg website builders but in my opinion, is not appropriate for PDF forms. View full review »
Edson Marcos Richter
Make the creator for larger forms lighter and easier to load as it takes time to load large forms, for example, over 100 form elements it takes quite a while to load the elements, and to edit the element options View full review »
The Drag & Drop on the fields object is a bit difficult. The CSS coding interface could be better. Better integration with CRM applications like Salesforce would be useful. View full review »
Asia Ware
The product could be improved by including "save as we go" notes. View full review »