JRebel Overview

What is JRebel?
JRebel is a JVM Java Agent that integrates with application servers, making classes reloadable with existing class loaders. Only changed classes are recompiled and instantly reloaded in the running application. JRebel plugs into IDEs and build systems. Classes and static resources are loaded straight from the workspace.

JRebel is also known as ZeroTurnaround JRebel.

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JRebel Customers
MS Learning & Consulting, NetworkedAssets, Vaadin Ltd, Heliocentris, Result Group
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ITCS user
Developer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Easy to configure, works well, has 'free' options (like Social)

Valuable Features:

Easy to configure, works well, has 'free' options (like Social)

Improvements to My Organization:

It gets the used time for redeploy in a development environment really fast and of course that's a good point.

Room for Improvement:

Development environment I had a little problem in redeploying applications using a specific framework (reactor + spring) in a Maven multi-module project.

Use of Solution:

3 years
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Build Automation
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