Build Automation Questions
Madison Sophia Bennett
Automation specialist at Technetics Group
Sep 03 2021

Hi professionals,

Some automation SW have desktop versions that are robust. 

However, I think they better manage to improve their versions in the cloud to speed up the processes of advanced integrations of all areas. 

What do you think? Is it necessary?

Shibu BabuchandranHi @Madison Sophia Bennett,  This is a very good query and my response is… more »
Rick MurrayManaging all areas of a product is critical to success with the client base… more »
Shlomi KotvShould?  Depends on the company strategy. In a long term, "yes". However, the… more »
CTO at Kaholo
Aug 09 2021

Hi peers, 

We're considering to offer developers free creation of automation pipelines. 

The idea is to get workflow requirements from a customer and build the workflow according to these requirements so what is left for them is to integrate them into their own resources and to execute.

Do you see a high demand for anything like that? Please let us know your use cases.


Rick MurrayI can see where it would be beneficial for some, but if they have the automation… more »
Linda NamayanjaPMP,CBPA,ITILYes there definately high demand for workflow automation..its the way to go!
L'GHOUL YoucefYes indeed. There is a high demande for workflow automation, in order to boost… more »