Juniper SRX Benefits

Girish Vyas
Architect - Cloud Serviced at NTT Global Networks
This is a product on the customer side, not in our services. What I have identified so far is that, considering the complex deployment that the customer wanted to make, the scalability with the feature support that they already have, and its functionality provided, Juniper SRX was one of the better products available. It helped us to scale well with that product customer requirement because they wanted the IT side on a virtual router, with a firewall so it was integrated to work. Such a complex setup cannot be easily accomplished by just using a firewall. SRX actually helps us scale and integrate the product according to customer requirements. It also helped us with its routing capabilities which eased the cost, because otherwise I would have had to take a router and firewall, and then integrate it. With this, however, it was an integration of firewall and routing services all together in a single product. That was one thing that I loved about it. View full review »
Senior Network Analyst with 1,001-5,000 employees
The Juniper was a later model, later technology than we had, more horsepower than we had before. The performance is better, but it could have been any firewall in its peer group. The improvement was because our old firewalls were, well, old. So the performance has been an improvement. And the IDS, perhaps, is a little better than what the older firewalls had. View full review »
Sr. Network Engineer at Kitsap Credit Union
* Once our engineers got their heads wrapped around the nuances of Juniper's CLI (took them about six months) with training (mostly free) and were able to get settled into Junos OS, we never looked back. * SRX firewalls/IDP functions require similar technical knowledge level as Cisco ASA and are function on par with them. I recommend investing in Juniper Space if you have a significant amount of Juniper equipment to manage. We have three of the larger SRX550s, with one cluster configuration, for edge security devices (firewall/IDPs). We are very happy with them. * Not specifically in SRX category, but the 40Gb/10Gb interfaces in the QFX gear are truly wired for speed on all available ports. The virtual EX switch chassis configuration, where up to 10 switching devices can be managed as a single network device, is a solid configuration for us. We use it in three locations and have zero issues with it. View full review »
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Darcy Hiebert
Network Architect - Contractor at TEML
It allows us to do remote configuration changes, and if there is a problem, not losing connectivity to the device. View full review »
Sr. Programmer at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
Theere has been no change to our organization. We replaced an older Cisco ASA. We intended to use some of the UTM features, but we have not yet. In some cases, it is worse. We can’t do remote access IPsec VPNs for users like we could with the Cisco ASA. Instead, we set up OpenVPN. As the Cisco ASA is the de facto standard, doing a site-to-site IPsec VPN to other companies takes more time (e.g., IKEv2 will not work connecting to Cisco gear because traffic selectors are not supported for IKEv2). View full review »
Mark Edward
Technical Support Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
It has a high security implementation. View full review »
Consumer Engineer at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
It allows users connecting from homes, who urgently need to log into the networks through a secure tunnel without using internet IP gateway, access using a SSL. View full review »
Tanzir Ahmed
Network Manager with 1-10 employees
It helps us perform our daily jobs. View full review »
Taiyoung Kim
Engineer at icraft
vSRX's performance is best with less resources, such as CPU and memory. It is easy to scale up by attaching more CPU and memory. View full review »
Maroun Saamia
Principal Director of IT at Reanaud-bray
It did not improve our safety because the IDS does not detect some attacks, but our anti-virus software did. View full review »
Mark Fierens
GCD Network Architecture Manager at Technicolor
Before, we were handling everything with a Vyatta server until our network became more complex. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Juniper, Fortinet, Cisco and others in Firewalls. Updated: March 2020.
406,607 professionals have used our research since 2012.