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Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Real User
Dec 17 2017

What do you think of HPE 3PAR Flash Storage?

Valuable Features We are using many products from HPE. We are using storage savers and 3PAR, and even the private cloud. We are happy with the service, the products, the support. This is what we like most. It is only not about buying something. The support and the services you get after buying is the most important thing in IT. • Room for Improvement Anything that will make the datacenter more scalable, more available, that would be great. Also, easier to operate or monitor, that would be good. • Use of Solution Three to five years. • Stability Issues I haven't had any reports about any incident or problem, so I assume it's stable and working fine. It's good. • Scalability Issues In general what HPE can provide, it can meet my needs. • Customer Service and...
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Real User
VP Of Global Technology at Synexys
Jun 25 2018

What do you think of Nimble Storage?

Primary Use Case Nimble is a secondary VMware environment in our organization, so it's not running mission-critical applications at this point or responsible for complex business needs. • Improvements to My Organization When we initially bought it, Nimble helped improve our organization as that was when we went through and we virtualized everything. Nimble was the back-end SAN for everything. • Valuable Features Now that it's owned by HPE, all of my SANs are under one support organization. • Room for Improvement I haven't thought about what I might want to see in a future release mainly because we're trying to figure out where we want to head next: if we want to go with the Synergy system or if we want to continue down the hyperconverged path. • Use of Solution More...
Pure Storage
Real User
Storage Solutions Architect IV at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Jul 23 2017

What is most valuable?

Performance, deduplication, compression, and fast response time for requests from servers and applications.

How has it helped my organization?

Our database administrators had to run some manual process twice a week since the disk performance of our previous storage unit was not able to respond to the requests fast enough. This process took approximately four hours and it had to be... more»

What needs improvement?

I have not been able to find one yet.

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