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Rajpalsinh Chudasama
Datacenter Manager at S4 IT Technologies
Real User
Top 5Leaderboard
Has been helpful during the pandemic because you can dial in from any location

What is our primary use case?

We use SolarWinds for everything. One of the main reasons we use it is for remote support. We have a desktop workstation added to multiple clients' sites. Whenever any problem happens, we just dial into the client machine via the remote support tool of the RMM. We then log into the client machine and resolve that particular issue. We also use the antivirus that is provided along with the RMM setup. The antivirus policy we created depends on the client's requirements. We deploy a particular antivirus on the client site. This tool is the prime use of the current RMM. Along with that, we also use… more »

Pros and Cons

  • "The network device is a good feature. In a place where you need to monitor your firewall switches, you can add an RMM tool and monitor it on the same screen on the same setup for the same client. Network devices are very good."
  • "Kaseya is a similar product and they have easier scripts. If you want to deploy one software to 100 machines, we need to dig into it and then we need to create the script and work with the support team and then we can deploy that particular script. The pre-built scripted is the one thing that I would definitely like to have improved."

What other advice do I have?

I would rate SolarWinds MSP Remote Monitoring & Management a nine out of ten. You should provide a simple solution where everything is at one point, but it is also really simple for technical support or a client to understand then. If you don't have an antivirus, you can go to a third-party for their services. If you keep the solution as simple as possible, then you definitely will win in this race because they don't want to do all the tasks themselves. If you have level one or level two guy, they also can easily understand that kind of solution. In that case, people will be attracted to the…
System Administrator at a computer software company with 11-50 employees
Top 20
Good scripting and patch management, very stable, and easy to scale

Pros and Cons

  • "Scripting and patch management are really important for us. Patch Manager is something that we use a lot, and we would love to have it continually improved. It is one of the most useful features for us for controlling patches and other things for different clients."
  • "We use monitors to keep track of our machines. We use a pretty good portion of information from Automate."
  • "In Patch Manager, there should be more reportability so that it is easier to see the updates that I have applied to a machine and when the next update will happen. A lot of times, it seems like all the information is kind of thrown all over the place, and you can't really see it all at the same time. There should be a simplified patch data view that allows us to quickly confirm that our various clients are getting patched as they should be."
  • "We would love to get feature updates and cumulative updates fixed. I know they aren't really supposed to be pushed with Patch Manager. We've got recommendations from ConnectWise to use the scripted feature update installs, scripted KB updates, etc. Having these in Patch Manager itself would be great."
  • "The wait time for a support ticket to be addressed needs to be reduced. They take a couple of days to get back. It is a little frustrating when we have to wait for a couple of days. A lot of times, the issue is critical for us. If we're reaching out to their support team and submitting a ticket, it is because we need it handled quickly."

What other advice do I have?

It is as powerful as you use it to be. If someone is just going to use it for remote access and things like that, they will be wasting a lot of money. It is as good as you make it. My recommendation would be that if you're not going to use all of the features, you can use another solution. For example, ConnectWise Automate implements ScreenConnect, which is another one of their products that provides just the remote access screen connection to the machines. For some of our clients who don't really need full monitoring, we just have a screen connection available. I would rate ConnectWise…
Get our free report covering Microsoft, ConnectWise, datto, and other competitors of Kaseya VSA. Updated: June 2021.
511,307 professionals have used our research since 2012.