Kentik SaaS Versus On-Prem

Are you using the SaaS solution? If yes, why did you go with it versus on-prem?

Principal Engineer at a comms service provider with 501-1,000 employees
We are using the on-prem deployment. We did use the SaaS version initially for the test, to see if it met our needs, but for production we decided to go for the on-prem deployment. The reason we went with the on-prem — and I'm not involved in the purchasing aspects — was because at the level of our flows and data rates, when you're doing the cloud solution you're also paying for the hardware. I believe it was determined that a one-time cost for us in buying the hardware, and then just doing the software license part, ends up being more cost-effective. I cannot speak to anyone else's particular pricing model or the amount of data they're sending. That may make it a very different equation. I have a feeling that the on-prem would really only work for the really large customers.
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Director, Interconnection Strategy at GTT
We did look into the on-prem option. Within our group, we're just not set up to do that. We're not server guys. And the pricing on the as-a-service-solution was such that it still made sense to go that route for us.
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Interconnection Manager at a music company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We send the data-flow to Kentech, in their cloud. We don't have any software installed on-prem here or in our data centers. As a company, we've always tended toward not having to manage more hardware and software than necessary. We're extremely happy with having it in the cloud and we're not afraid of sending this data to them in the cloud. We pretty much trust them.
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