Kerio Control Pricing and License Cost

Senior Technology Specialist - VP at Unified Technology Solutions
It's generally inexpensive compared to a lot of other products out there. We don't use the solution’s high-availability/failover protection. For our market, it just hasn't been something that's been worth it for the cost. Because the software can run on both the Kerio hardware as well as regular off the shelf computer hardware, we've actually just maintained a standard computer with some extra NICs in it or a microcomputer as a backup. So, if a box goes out, we just run out there, pull the backup file off the web (since it is backed up through the MyKerio portal), and push it to the box, then we can have them back up in an hour or two. We can then worry about a permanent replacement once the client is back up. The biggest advice that I could probably give people is when you buy the solution be prepared to buy a few extra licenses if you want a guest network but you don't need to go crazy. Each user license gives you one employee and five devices. In the world nowadays where everybody has a cellphone, tablet, desktop, and laptop, that's still four devices and you still get one more device per person to cover the company printers, servers, etc. View full review »
Andy Dibble
IT Manager at Flare Technologies
Pricing depends on the requirements. The more powerful boxes, like the NG500, are more expensive on licensing terms, depending on how you license them. At the moment, the NG500 doesn't have an unlimited user option. I believe they took it away, although I might be wrong. Figure out how many users you're going to need because there's no point in configuring or licensing it for 200 users "just in case," when you might only need 50. It's obviously going to cost you four times as much. There is an option to have GFI Unlimited, which is their all-in-one licensing model, which includes Kerio Control. It works for hardware boxes as well the software virtual appliances. Depending on the number of users, it might be more beneficial to go for GFI Unlimited. It can work out cheaper. View full review »
Frank Raasveld
Owner at Fr@nkonnections
It's not a very expensive solution from my point of view. Because it is not only about buying a product, but how much time does it cost to implement the features that the product offers? I haven't found another product that is able to do the things that Kerio Control can do for the money. It is a good fit for SMBs because of its maintainability. When you want to keep your costs low, then Kerio Control is a very good solution. It's not an expensive product that is well integrated. It has a complete set of features within it that make it a very strong product. GFI has made a stupid decision regarding small office licensing. For offices where there are only three to five employees and had five years towards a five user product, they now force these customers to a 10-year user license. I really don't understand it. It's a stupid decision for the small offices who want a good solution for security because they'll probably decide to go to another product. Why should they buy something that they don't use? I don't use the Kerio hardware because they're too expensive and difficult to maintain. Kerio Control has the ability if you buy it (it's a separate option) to know malware sites. Then, they will be blocked and the user is informed. View full review »
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Liam Bartlett
IT & Installations Manager at Odyssey Gaming
I didn't even blink at the price but I can't even remember what it cost. It was pretty reasonable. The cost was very affordable. We just ended up licensing our own because we didn't know who was going to be working remotely at the end of the day. I think anyone that had a chance to work at home, they got the license. It wasn't a factor of having to do to a view and make sure that every user absolutely needed one. It is a very affordable solution. There are no additional costs to the standard licensing that I know of. We maintain the highway that it sits on and obviously the data center space and there might be transit and costs and that sort of thing associated with it, but not with Kerio itself. View full review »
Freddie Lewis
Solutions Architect at Clockwork Solutions
I think it is a bit on the pricey side, but it's okay. I've got 50 licenses which I think is $250 a year or something like that. It's not terrible. It's actually cheaper than what we pay for VNC. We probably could save money thereby utilizing the Kerio VPN and not VNC. For a firewall proxy solution, it's probably a bit on the higher side price-wise. We have to provide our own Hyper-V host to spin it up or buy the Kerio hardware, but otherwise, there are no other costs. View full review »
Matt Gerken
VP Engineering & Admin at E3 Systems
On the licensing side, the way Kerio works, and this is what we have to tell boats, is that if you think that you're going to save some money one year by not licensing it and then next year, you're going to license it, you're going to end up paying for that back year. You're better off just keeping it up to date. Boats are really like life. People want to spend money on things that are sexy, and software licensing isn't sexy. So that's one of the things that we have to go back and let them know that it's going to work as far as the basic functions go, but the features are not going to work and their security will be vulnerable. There are no costs in addition to the standard licensing. View full review »
Greg Regester
ICT Consultant at D-R Consulting Pty Ltd
On the low-end device that I use, it has unlimited IP addresses. So, they have a subscription model where, on the higher models, you pay X dollars for 10 IP addresses. Then, if you want any more, you have to pay more on the model. On the low-end model, it has unlimited IP addresses, because if you have too many users, the thing will just slow you down and stop working. At some point, you need to say, "Okay, I've grown to a point where performance is impacted. I need to get some bigger hardware." If I get to that stage, I will possibly look at using one of the virtual appliances and putting it on some bigger hardware. It gets expensive pretty quickly if you need to purchase license packs. In the previous model, I was buying packs of five. It was concurrent: If you had 10 address licenses, then you can have as many devices as you want, but if you hit 10 devices, you hit your license limit. People will get frustrated. They do appear to be expensive, but I don't have anything to really compare that against. I've not done any market evaluation for quite some time, because my model has unlimited addresses, so I haven't had to think about that. View full review »
CEO at a computer software company with 1-10 employees
The pricing is good. Our businesses have been around a long time and we've done that by not being the cheapest, but trying to be the best or one of the best. There's a lot of very good software and hardware companies out there, but a lot of them try to just undercut pricing and try to get the deal. We do not do that. We have a feeling we know what the value of our product is, if it's our own product. In a case where we have a router system, we know the value of it, we know what the value of the software licensing is for renewal and for the initial startup. We look at those things at the beginning, and we felt that Kerio was well in line. The price seems to be going up now, it hasn't gone up as bad as some of its competitors yet, but we'll keep an eye on that. Right now the pricing is valid for the product and the service they get. View full review »
Arie De Kruijf
EMP Specialist at Global EPM BV
Where we were using, for example, a VPN solution for 75 users, GFI has now changed the contracts to use the unlimited version, and that is a bit cheaper price-wise, compared to having 75-user account licenses. But it's pretty expensive in licensing costs, especially if you use the product longer than one or two years. The licensing costs are still high, which I don't think is reasonable for a product like this. The licensing should really be narrowed down and be at least one-tenth of the price. To give you an idea of costs, an NG500 costs about €3000, and the licensing costs are about €1400 to €1500 a year. They call it "maintenance," but they are not doing anything in terms of maintenance on my firewall. They just supply a little update and those updates really don't cover the price that they calculate for it. By comparison, if you know what a Windows 10 workstation does on your local computer, you get the updates for free and the price of the installation is something like $100, and you can use it as long as the product is supported. That's a reasonable price, and it also has security. With those licensing costs for a little firewall, it's really disturbing because people look for different solutions when the price is too high. You can't make money off of it if you need to pay almost €1500 a year just to get the updates, and those are basically firewall updates. Of course, if there is a system update, like firmware, they will implement that as well. But it doesn't match the cost of what they are doing for us with it. It doesn't explain why these licensing costs are so extremely high. As long as the product works we use it because we know the product. It's much easier to use an existing product than to swap over to a low-cost product that we are not familiar with. That is one of the reasons we use this product, but mostly because we never had a breach, which is, of course, pretty important now. Everybody has a price when it comes to security. You can use a simple Windows Firewall on a virtual machine, which costs you almost nothing. And if you put the firewall on there and use it as a router, you can also connect VPN clients to it, but you're using the Microsoft solution for that. Kerio is based on a Linux kernel, which is pretty much free and they are asking a lot of money for a firewall because it's called a firewall and it should protect you. But in fact, they cannot guarantee that nobody will ever get through your firewall. Nobody is giving that guarantee to you, and that is why it's too expensive. View full review »
System Administrator Team Lead | Developer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
If you have a lot of users, the licensing can be a bit of a problem because we have a lot of customers who don't use the user feature, but we have five devices per user, and we have to extend the license every time. The fixed model of users and devices is a bit of a problem for us. We want to be able to expand it fast and not have to contact our supplier first to get a license. That takes another one or two days and the customer is waiting. It might be better if they offered a fixed monthly or yearly price instead of the user-based price. That's really keeping us from deploying with some of our smaller customers or customers that have a more dynamic user base. If they had a larger fixed price with unlimited users or devices, that would help. Now, it's five users each time. A pack of 100 or 200 users for a certain price would make it more dynamic and user-scalable. View full review »
Hugo Van Putten
Owner at Multi Level Software
I don't think it's expensive. I'd recommend it to others. View full review »
Robert Allino
Owner at L3GNL LLC
Get the GFI unlimited, unless you're only going to have it at one spot. The pricing for the unlimited is a pretty good deal. View full review »
Mark Spiteri
IT Manager at JB Metropolitan Distributors
I don't have other ones to compare the pricing to. I haven't used other solutions to know all the features they have. The price seems reasonable to me for something that does so much and works so well. View full review »
Justin Braegelman
IT Support at Rural Computer Consultants, Inc
Price-wise, it's very affordable. Whether you're a smaller or larger business, whether you're five users or a couple of hundred users, the pricing is very fair. The performance of it is what determines how you want to license it because you can purchase a Kerio appliance. We try to make use out of everything because we like to keep it in one place. It has fit our business size and needs. View full review »
Chris Kershner
CEO at Professional Project Managers
I think that licensing flows pretty smoothly. Make sure that you set them up so you support them over the web interface because that lets you see all of your customers. View full review »
Jay Greiner
Head of IT at Glorious Way Church
I would encourage other people that when considering pricing, you really have to think about how important your network security is and how you're going to save time in the long run on managing your network. It's worth buying a product that's top-notch and the best quality. Your network is worth it and your employee's security is worth it. View full review »
Chris Bristow
Account Manager (Technical) at Redfortress Ltd
It's too expensive. The license, in the last year or so, has gone up by over £100. We're almost being out-priced by the annual license at the minute. If we do need to change, it will be because of the annual license fee, and we will have to get a different solution. View full review »
President at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
It gives us a lot. It does prove to be a very robust product for the cost. The yearly maintenance fee is a bit high for the Kerio Control Boxes. The end of life for the devices is kind of short. It seems like they're making you upgrade within a short period of time. They should at least allow five years, but it seems like they are changing their end of life to be shorter to generate revenue. View full review »
Computer Technician at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
There is a yearly upkeep fee. View full review »
Owner at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
The licensing is a bit of an issue. People don't like to have to buy user licenses. They think they should be able to buy the box and be able to use it. Licensing is a bit old fashioned in terms of the fact that if they don't renew the license that box becomes useless. People really don't like that. Then they can't use it anymore. View full review »
Kalvin Champion
General Manager at Gays Hops-n-Schnapps
I've never seen any additional costs incurred or involved, other than the initial. View full review »
Alex Kimondo
ICT Manager at MEDS
Its initial cost is less as compared to other products. It becomes a bit costly when you pay for the products that you don't use. We paid for almost all the products through subscription, but we are using only a few products. We use EndPointSecurity, Kerio Connect, WebMonitor, and LanGuard. We don't use the rest of the products. View full review »
The pricing is in-line with our expectations in terms of the quality that we get for it. View full review »
Ray Kingdon
Technical Director at EVAK Technologies Limited
The version of Kerio Control that I use is a "not for resale" unit. I get the product for free. There is an additional cost for the annual software licensing which depends on which model you have and the number of users. The Kerio Control license has a varying cost, but generally, it's around £300 a year. View full review »
Kombo Nyashanu
MD at Comsque
The setup cost is fair especially of the Virtual Appliances. The annual licensing is easy and priced fairly. View full review »
IT Support Professional at Valley IT Support, Inc
My advice is to use your own hardware and do not use theirs. View full review »
Dominic Halajian
General Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
It's very affordable. View full review »
Pricing is good, but the licensing took a lot of time. It was with a company in Europe and we got it with 50 users and wanted to upgrade to unlimited users. They first make it 250 users, then one or two weeks later unlimited. It took two weeks to get an unlimited license. It was strange but if you purchase with unlimited then it's no problem. You get it right away. The upgrade took a lot of time. View full review »
Boddy Mapanguilua
Technical Coordinator / Pointe-Noire Branch, BUROTOP IRIS SA at BUROTOP IRIS SA
The price is inexpensive. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Kerio Control. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2021.
455,164 professionals have used our research since 2012.