KPISOFT Overview

What is KPISOFT?

The single biggest challenge that will determine success or failure of an enterprise is its ability to bridge the gap between strategy (corporate KPIs), operational metrics, and the individual employee contributions supporting that performance.

At KPISOFT, we connect the entire performance value chain of an organization, leveraging internal and external data into a single, comprehensive and intelligent platform using AI.

Our platform creates a seamless and connected enterprise. It pushes augmented content that is contextualized, personalized, and offers true actionable insights specifically related to the performance of a business – from the C-Suite, to operations, and the front lines. This creates unprecedented and democratized decision-making at every level of the organization. It frees the enterprise of bottlenecks and drives instant action. Simply put, KPISOFT delivers real-time performance awareness that enables collaboration, corrective action, and connected visibility.

KPISOFT is the next generation analytics tool for enterprise. It serves as your own personal assistant and can answer voice questions regarding performance, including external data related to your industry and domain. We are revolutionizing the way enterprise performance will be managed in the next decade, aided by the ever-growing power of AI technologies.

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