Identity Management (IM) Questions
Evgeny Belenky
IT Central Station
Jul 01 2021

Hi community, 

Let's discuss this relatively new term: Cybersecurity Mesh. What is Cybersecurity Mesh? And how is this term related to Zero Trust architecture?

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Cybersecurity Mesh vs Zero Trust


Ahmad ZuhdiThe cybersecurity mesh is a key component of a zero-trust network philosophy… more »
Juma Alshehhi
User at MOI
Mar 14 2021

I am researching identity management solutions. Who in the team should be managing the IDM product?

Hasan Zuberi ( HZ )Depends on the Level of organizations. There are teams sometimes specifically… more »
Joakim ThorénTypically we see IDM products being managed by a system owner in the security… more »
reviewer1377516 It depends on what you mean by “managing”. There’s functional management and… more »
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Insider data breaches can be a real problem in businesses. One way to address this issue is by implementing an identity and access management solution. 

What tips do you have for ensuring that one's identity and access management solution is effective?

Chris BunnThe simplest and most common activity for every insider threat action is the… more »
JoeValeroThe premise of any effective Identity and Access Management solution is that… more »
Enrique Leon, CISAWith experience in both IT and Audit, I can say the answer most often leads to a… more »
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May 19 2021

Hi peers,

What role does IAM play in preventing data breaches? What are the risks associated with not using an IAM solution?

Amimesh AnandThere could be 2 types of action that can be taken to measure the data breach… more »
Ahmad ZuhdiAbsolutely! IAM is so important to prevent a data breach. With IAM we can make… more »
SteveAndrewsSince cybercrime is on the aggressive rise, and our organizations working… more »
IT Central Station
Jun 16 2021

What tools can be used to help make GDPR compliance easier? What are some specific features to look out for?

AdrianMacheI would go for RSA SecurID Suite due to strong compliance and continuous fast… more »
Michel TimpI would recommend Okta or HelloID (which includes Account provisioning , Acces… more »
IT Central Station
Jun 01 2021

Why Identity governance and administration are considered so important in enterprise IT management?

How can Identity Management (IM) tools help manage IGA better?

Efrén YanezWhy is identity governance and administration (IGA) important? By definition… more »
Enno HoffmannWhy Identity governance and administration are considered so important in… more »